so you might have noticed that i haven’t been posting on here for a while, and i won’t be for a while either. i’m not gonna delete this blog because i don’t wanna lose all my posts and i might start it up again after the hiatus, but for now i’m only gonna be blogging about reign on my main blog, so follow that one if you want!

step-in-style: "do you know where in toronto reign films??"

no idea, sorry!

Introducing Royals of Love.
(Inspired by the Delinquents of Love tumblr.)

In order to spread more love and happiness in the Reign fandom and forget all the ship wars and unhappiness during the early days of the first season, we thought we’d start this page so you can send in positive messages to your fellow Royals on tumblr. 

Send in a message through our ask box for the blogger of your choice and we will make a text graphic and tag the blogger in question! You can also send messages for a ship, a character, actor, etc. if you want to because we all know the characters of this show need a little love too! All messages will remain anonymous unless the sender tells us otherwise.

Just one little message can make someone’s day so we hope everyone in the fandom takes part in this! Our ask box will be open at all times so if you ever want to send a message, you can do it any time and send as many as you’d like!

Thank you so much, Royals! 

mary stuart in every episode: hearts and minds (1x04)

get to know me meme: [1/5] favourite relationships: francis & mary (reign)

"I’ll pressure you, and listen to you, and argue with you, and love you until the day I die.

Anonymous: "what font did you use in this post: post/87901326403/francis-and-mary-in-every-episode-part-one"

it’s called rainfall :)

Thank you, Your Grace. Scotland is pleased as well. Especially since this time you and my uncle will be allowing me to guide negotiations. In view of the role Scotland played in resolving your troubles with Portugal, and in preventing the wrongful execution of a diplomat, we not only staved off war with England, but, also spared our ally, France, considerable embarrassment. Which is why I am sure you will want to improve the terms. Committing enough strength to keep your ally… safe against England.